Surge protection devices

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Surge protection devices

Surge Protective Device is a kind of protecting equipment which can protect from surge which influenced by Indirect and direct lightning thunder and other transient overvoltage.

Test classification of SPD

·         Ex9U1 level I

The test is done with In 1.2/50μs and Iimp 10/350μs. The SPD level I can protect the power supply of low voltage distribution system from the direct lightning thunder. It is used in the high risk areas of lightning and installed in main distribution panels.

·         Ex9U2 level II

The test is done with In 1.2/50μs and Imax 8/20μs. The SPD level II can support the impaction in a short time and protect the circuit comprehensively.

·         Ex9U3 level III

The test do with composite wave ( Uoc 1.2/50μs and Isc 8/20μs ). The SPD level III is installed in the equipment as close as possible to protect extremely sensitive equipment.