Miniature Circuit Breakers to 125

DIN Rail Devices

Miniature Circuit Breakers to 125

Miniature Circuit Breakers Ex9B125 are suitable mainly for power distribution and industrial applications for short-circuit and overload current protection with rated current up to 125 A and very high rated breaking capacities (tested according to EN 60947-2 as well as EN 60898-1. 

These breakers can be combined with wide range of accessories (same as for Ex9B breakers) including auxiliary and signal contacts, shunt trip releases, undervoltage and overvoltage releases. It is possible to create diverse combination of accessories. 

• High rated breaking capacities: 

    up to 25 kA acc. to EN 60947-2 

    up to 20 kA acc. to EN 60898-1 

• 1 up to 4-pole versions 

• Rated operating voltage 230/400 V AC 

• Tripping characteristics B, C, D according to EN 60898-1