Monitoring Device SUP

Photovoltaic DC Components

Monitoring Device SUP

SUP Smart Monitoring Device adds monitoring and communication (ModBus-RTU) functions into PV distribution boards and combiner boxes. It is the core component, which has several functions of communication and measurement of current and voltage for up to 20 strings.

SUP unit has also implemented alarm function (overvoltage, undervoltage, reverse current) and status detection of connected SPD and circuit breaker. Status of the device is signaled via indication LEDs on the front side, all measured values you can see on integrated display (in H version only).  

• Suitable for DC Combiner Boxes

• Function of measurement, networking and communication

• Meets requirements of IEC / EN 61010-1

• RS485 bus, Modbus-RTU communication protocol

• For 4 up to 20 strings

• Integrated display in advanced version