Air Circuit Breakers and Switch Disconnectors

Circuit Breakers and Disconnectors

Air Circuit Breakers and Switch Disconnectors

The new line Ex9A offers very complex functional devices range. They provide not only the basic function of circuit breakers or switch disconnectors, but also a complete networks analysis with the ability to communicate with advanced control systems, alarm function and power switching relays. The circuit breakers and switch disconnectors are available in three frame sizes as fixed and withdrawable version of 3P and 4P devices.

Circuit breakers Ex9A use digital tripping units SU. Their basic common characteristic is the presence of complete protection functions LSI, LCD display and 32-bit DPS even in the most basic variant SU3.0. Units SU4.0 and SU5.0 provide extra protective functions G for protection against ground faults or E for detection of low-level residual currents, respectively.

In addition to comprehensive protective functions circuit breakers Ex9A offers a wide range of circuit variables measurement and analysis. Obtained information can be used to activate the breaker, alarm or for processing by the operator or in advanced control system.

• Rated current up to 4000 A

• Breaking capacity up to 100 kA

• Fixed and withdrawable versions

• 3P and 4P devices

• Wide range of accessories

• Digital tripping units, all variants equipped with LCD display

• Variability of protection, measurent and other functions