Miniature contactors

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Miniature contactors

Ex9CS Series mini contactors are intended for both industrial and household applications, and meet the requirements of IEC / EN 60947-4-1. Their main benefit is their highly compact dimensions. These also make them suitable for applications with high demands on installation space economy. Contactors are provided in versions for nominal currents of 6, 9 and 12 A in utilisation category AC-3 with agreed-upon thermal current without cover Ith 20A.

Mini contactors are available in standard three-phase and four-phase design as well as in four-phase version with main contacts aligned as 2 closing and 2 opening contacts. Three-phase versions are provided with one closing or opening auxiliary contact. All versions can be fitted with a front auxiliary contact unit including four contacts.

Devices can work up to the voltage of 690 V AC. Coil control voltage is optional within the range from 24 up to 415 V AC.