Low power consumption contactors

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Low power consumption contactors

Low power consumption contactors Ex9Ci are intended for various applications. They are available in versions with DC (frame size 18 and 38) and AC/DC (frame size 65 and 100) control voltage. Their big advantage is also very low power consumption which is ensured by electronic circuit for power consumption management. Thanks to DC coil design (also in case of external AC control voltage), these contactors offers very low noise at closed status of main contacts.

Splitting into four frame sizes brings optimization of electrical parameters and mechanical dimensions. All these frame sizes share accessory auxiliary contacts. Overload relays differ with the frame sizes in order to fit respective contactor of given rated current.

• Tested according to IEC / EN 60947-4-1

• Four frame sizes with rated current up to 100 A at 400 V AC-3

• Coil control voltage

   12 — 220 V DC for frame size 18 and 38

   12 V DC, 24 — 230 V AC/DC for frame size 65

   12 V DC, 24 — 400 V AC/DC for frame size 100

• 3-pole versions

• Identical accessories with line Ex9C