Contactors for capacity loads

Contactors and Relays

Contactors for capacity loads

Capacitor contactors Ex9CC are used mainly for switching of power factor correction blocks. These types of contactors are fitted and delivered with special front mounted block of series resistors which ensures early making of auxiliary poles and connect the capacitor to the network via the set of resistors, when the coil is energized. The contactor with this current suppression block can effectively reduce the current impact of the capacitors and operational overvoltage. Utilization category of these contactors is AC-6b.

• Contactors for switching of capacity loads, especially power factor compensation capacitors

• Tested according to IEC / EN 60947-4-1

• 3-pole versions

• Rated current AC-6b up to 100 A

• Coil control voltage 24 — 415 V AC

• Mounting onto DIN rail or onto panel

• Variants for compensation up to 60 kvar at 400 V