Reversible contactors

Contactors and Relays

Reversible contactors

Reversible contactors Ex9CR are intended mainly for switching of asynchronnous motors with possibility of change of rotation direction. They can also be used for switching of two circuits when it is necessary to ensure that maximum one circuit is connected.

The combinations are equipped with mechanical interlock. Additional electrical interlock of control voltages (e.g. for EN 60204) can be implemented by means of auxiliary contacts AX42 or built-in auxiliary contacts.

Splitting into four frame sizes brings optimization of electrical parameters and mechanical dimensions. All these frame sizes share full range of accessories. Overload relays differ with the frame sizes in order to fit respective contactor of given rated current.

• Tested according to IEC / EN 60947-4-1

• Four frame sizes with rated current up to 100 A at 400 V AC-3

• 3-pole versions

• Coil control voltage 24 - 415 V AC

• Rated conditional short circuit current Iq 50 kA

• Mechanical interlock between contactors

• Mounting onto device rail (DIN) 35 or 75 mm or onto panel