Plastic consumer units

Consumer units

Plastic consumer units

Plastic consumer units of PNS series for wall mounting and the PNF and PXF series for flush mounting with the IP40 degree of protection are suitable for household as well as general applications.

The PNS version is available in single to four-row design for 8 up to 48 modules. The PNF variant is available in the 8 up to 36 modules, flat designed version PXF for 12 to 36, divided into one to three rows. White and transparent design of door is available for all series.

PHS series of plastic consumer unit is designed for demanding and industrial applications. These enclosures provide IP65 degree of protection. The offer consists of single to three-row design for 4 up to 36 modules. The construction is designed for surface mounting. The units are delivered with transparent door.

Surface mounted consumer units PXS line with are suitable as a basic cover and protection of the devices with degree of protection IP30. They are offered in sizes from 3 to 36 module units.

All the consumer units are designed for applications with rated currents up to 63 A and rated voltage of 400 V AC. They follow the IEC/EN 60670-1, EN 62208 requirements.