Combined Safety Switches   MCBs / Residual Current

DIN Rail Devices

Combined Safety Switches MCBs / Residual Current

Modular combined residual current devices with circuit breaker, with a breaking capacity of 10 kA for Ex9CBL-H Series and 6 kA for Ex9CBL-N Series. The devices meet the requirements of the standard IEC / EN 61009. These protectors are intended for household and industrial applications. They provide 50 per cent space economy compared to separate residual current device and separate circuit breaker.

• Rated breaking capacity Icn 10 kA

• 1+N-pole version

• Rated residual current 30, 100, 300 mA

• Rated currents up to 40 A

• Rated operational voltage 230 V AC

• Tripping characteristics of installed circuit breaker B and C

• AC and A type of RCD

• 2-module width